Entanglement, 2014, in collaboration with Bud Shark / Shark’s Ink


8 plate color lithograph, edition of 30 + 6 AP 32 x 32 in / 81 x 81 cm

By 1970, Clark Richert was intuitively observing shadows cast by three-dimensional forms, found that one such structure – the rhombic tricontahedron – placed under sunlight casts a shadow in the form of a two dimensional pattern made from tiling a pair of differently shaped diamonds. Richert noted that this pattern tiled across a plane never repeated itself. This discovery broke with the long held rule that five-fold symmetry was strictly impossible for any two dimensional packing of shapes. This so-called forbidden symmetry became the main subject for most of Richert’s paintings. Clark Richert made his first lithograph at Shark’s in 2014. Entanglement continues his interest in these rhombic tricontahedron patterns.

Bud Shark, Master printer, began printing as Shark’s Lithography Ltd since 1976, through the last 43 years of publishing prints as Shark’s Ink, he has collaborated with a distinguished group of more than 160 artists from the United States and Europe.The artists invited to make prints at Sharks pursue a strong personal vision in their work. 

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8 plate color lithograph, edition of 30 + 6 AP 32 x 32 in / 81 x 81 cm

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